Project management/Geo

GeoVerkstan offers:
- Project Management
- Audit and review
- Geotechnical control and monitoring

Examples of tasks
- Client's geotechnical design manager
- Coordination with related technology disciplines
- Review of the design documents
- Clients geotechnical engineer in the construction stage
- Review and control of contractors work assessment
- Quality review

GeoVerkstan works with the following applications:
- Road/railroad
- Plants
- Port
- House/industry

Film from Valdemarsvik - lime/cement columns improvment before
remediation work.

Reference Projects
- Valdemarsvik 
  (goround improvement in connection with remediation project and technical construction assistance)
- SydVästlänken, Nässjö-Hörby
  (Project responsible for Geotechnical part and technical expert in the construction phase)            

- Authority geotechnical engineer - specialist Swedish Transport Administration, Gothenburg, BanaVäg i Väst
- Citytunneln E201, Malmoe