GeoVerkstan works with education/workshops
in cooperation with societies and schools.

- European standards and Eurocodes 
- General geotechnical engineering
- Planning and evaluation of Geotechnical investigations 
- Project management

Examples of questions:
- How should Eurocode be applied regarding geotechnical data?
- What are the differences to previous design principles?
- Geotechnics - what is it?
- How do you evaluate the results from our most common field investigations methods?

 Reference Projects
- Eurocode for Geotechnical engineers, IEG and SGF
  (Basics, Field/lab, basics for non geotechnical eng.)
- 9-day base course for geotecnical engineers, SGF
- Basis of geotechnics, BFAB
- Basis of geotechnics, high school, Kullaviksskolan
- VTI:s internal project management training
- SGF workshops