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GeoVerkstan offers:
- Damage Investigation
- Special inspection, special inquiry
- Audit/second opinon/GK3
- Legal geotechnical support
- Technical support regarding foundations
- Technical support regarding geotechnical investigations

Examples of questions:
- The type and extent of geotechnical field investigation required?
- Is the area suitable for the construction out of a geotechnical point of
- Are presented ÄTA (amendment and supplement work) justified?
What is the cause of damage? Who is responsible according to the
- If the tender documents meets common requirements for quality and
GeoVerkstan works with the following applications:
- Plants
- House/industry
- Port
- Bridge
- Road/railroad
- Slopestability

Reference Projects
- Sectoral Investigator AMA Anläggning 13
  (respect ground and foundation) 
- Växjö future water supply
- Skeppsbrokajen, Port of Landskrona 
- Moskogens waste treatment plant
- Amfiteater, Pildammarna, Malmö
- CT2005, Port of Gothenburg, GK3
- Nordic HUB, Port of Malmö



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